We offer an applicative training based on our large experience and case study to suit every need, including standar training and customized training program specific to your individual business system and outcomes.

Geological Model

Fundamental to understand seam modeling concept and build coal geological model.

Advanced level in build coal quality model, structure, and updating model.

Pit Optimisation

Understanding the concept of Lerchs Grosman optimisation method and build ultimate pit limit based on economic input and mining parameter

Build practical pit, dump, and road design based on economic pit limit

Strategic Scheduling

Schedule pushbacks according to production targets and mining constraints for maximizing NPV through optimisation.

In order to produce practical haulage fleet requirements as well as material type and their value. This is in contrast to other system that typically provide tools to analyze the haulage requirement after a scheduling has been developed.

It examines the processing of each block (stockpile) and reallocates it to a new method based on overall economic value. It optimized stockpiling and multiple blended products where production target and varying product specifications can be blended from different inputs.

Tactical Scheduling

Introducing the concept of shortterm scheduling and build detail practical schedule to produce monthly, 3 month rolling plan until annual schedule.

Introducing the concept of longterm scheduling and build detail practical schedule to produce 5 year until Life of Mine schedule.

Introducing the concept of Haulage Modeling and build detail practical haulage model to produce detail distance and truck requirements.

 * Software for training is provided by the client and content is provided by VTA