One of the first steps to maximize value of the mine project is the completion of a pit optimization analysis.  It is used to define the most profitable pit shell (or nested pit shells) for a given set of economic parameters.

Any mistake in analyzing the cost or determining mining parameter, can result in loss of profit gained.

We are here to assist clients in completing pit limit optimization based on activity cost and mining parameter with the industry-standard Lerchs Grossman (LG) alghorithm and selecting the highest NPV in multiple scenario. We can use minex mine planning software to determine your economic pit limit.


Our technical expert will provide you applicable shortterm / longterm mine design to achieve your production target. We report of coal and waste production quantities and preparation of stage plans at appropriate intervals to illustrate the mining and dumping sequence.


A critical part of any mining projects is the strategic schedule – how many decisions have already been made or are “hard-coded”, how large is the impact of various constraints in the system and what targets do we need to achieve to ensure the success of the project.

Our team, have in depth knowledge and experience in the use of leading edge Strategic Mine Scheduling software. This, together with their practical knowledge of mining operations gives them the ability to general the optimal strategic schedule for a mining operation. It also gives them the ability to rapidly generate multiple “what-if” scenarios giving decision makers the best information possible in order to make decisions

We’re here to help client generate detail scheduling scenario from various optional strategy. We use innovative mine schedulling software to improve your mine economic.


We understand that capital and operating cost associated with truck haulage contribute greatly to overall expenditure of mine operation. The impacts of over or under trucked fleets will significantly influence costs, capital intensity and productivity of mining operations.

Realizing this condition, we offer our client a more detailed haulage analysis by predicting cycle time to determine truck requirement, defining the number of main haul road and stop sign, analyzing dump location and other specific factors.


A key element in constructing financial models is the complete understanding of the business case, and the analysis of all aspects and factors pertinent to the particular business circumstance.

Here we help clients in making the model through the evaluation cost from pit to shipment to determine cash flow  with major economic parameters analysis DCF/RO-NPV, IRR, and Payback Period. Not only that, we can also consider the risk of the project with the monte carlo simulation using Risk Simulator / SIPMath Software.